Mon voyage au Qatar

My trip to Qatar

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My trip to Qatar 🇶🇦 

After several weeks of reflection, I decided to fly to Qatar, I admit that the photos I have seen of this country in recent months have played a role in my determination to visit the region. 

Barely arrived, it breathes Islam, for those who unfortunately have a small tendency to associate Islam with being poor, with being in difficulty, on the brink of the abyss, Qatar will radically make you change your notice. You will be overwhelmed by the fact that such rich people are so attached to religion, the clichés that Europe tries to make us absorb will be swept away...

Being fond of finding business opportunities, I set out directly to find a souq for fabrics, nothing to do with Egypt, here the emphasis is only on the quality of the products, it's expensive. must admit, but their Qamis are of such quality… it looks like the white of their Qamis is made with milk 🤣.

My feeling is that life is quite expensive in some places, then decent in others, it all depends on the neighborhood, there are also a lot of foreigners from Asia and tourists of all kinds.

I am overwhelmed by the fact that I only have a few days off before resuming the Merkez in Arabic, and the countless splendid places to visit. Living for a year and a half in Egypt, I take a little slap on my standard of living, even if there is nothing wrong with that, it takes really little in this kind of country to be totally captivated by luxury and abandon everything to indulge in life here below. 

May Allah strengthen us on His religion, and make sure to grant us only what is good for us.

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